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Thread: Audio adapter output polarity

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    Audio adapter output polarity

    I'm using the teensy 3.6 board with the audio adapter and the teensy audio library. Here's the code to generate a sine wave:


    I have a scope on the line out. See picture. The scope is showing the amplitude go negative. Why is that?
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    Also, I fed the output into a stm32-nucleo board (with arduino framework). printed out the analogRead values, and plot looks like this
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    Which if the signal went negative, may correlate to the truncated floor values of 0. What am I doing wrong?

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    Audio is meant to be AC because a microphones ( and a speakers) membrane swing around their resting position - see here

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    The Audio adapter board has DC-blocking capacitors on the line inputs and line outputs. Any audio device will handle proper AC
    correctly (and some do not like a DC bias at all, for instance a DC-coupled amplifier fed a DC signal will blow speakers up).

    Alas the audio adapter doesn't have bleeder resistors on the outputs so the output can have a DC offset that gradually fades with

    [ Incidentally for some reason the SGTL5000 has line outputs phase-inverted - the headphone outputs are correct though. This
    would need something like a sawtooth wave to see on a 'scope though. ]

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