Hi All,

I've finally begun my Teensy 4.1 experience with ethernet. I have assembled the PJRC hardware and connected up to by trusty laptop and loaded the example from Paul via the Arduino IDE (had issues with VS code + Platform IO but that is another story).

So it is running but with the following odd issue I'm hoping someone here can assist with.

When I send a ping to the device from my laptop, I can confirm that the ping is being sent and comes back with Wireshark, response seems to be in the order of 1ms. The debug/serial window within Arduino also shows all the expected activity.

However I never see a ping return within the command prompt and all 4 time out.

I have looked all through the firewall settings and indeed turned off windows firewall (public and private networks) but result is the same.

The device appears in the arp table when using the arp -a command, so that is making it thru....

So essentially this turns out to not be a teensy issue (I think) but something beyond my understanding in my Windows machine (I assume)....

Any pointers?