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Thread: link a teensy 4.1 to an arduino mega 2560 R3

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    link a teensy 4.1 to an arduino mega 2560 R3

    I want to link a teensy 4.1 to an arduino mega 2560 R3.

    What is the best way to hook these two together to exchange data? Serial? a parallel bus? SPI etc? Are there any libraries available to handle this?

    What to do about the 3.3v to 5v and visa versa?

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    You can use serial, the Arduino Mega has 4 serial interfaces. You'll need a level converter for each direction, but at a
    pinch you can use a resistive divider 1k:2k2 for 5v->3.3V and just directly connect for 3.3V->5V, since the Arduino will
    recognize 3.3V as HIGH.

    However a level converter is a safer option.

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    safer to protect the teensy tx pin should you misprogram the mega and shoot 5v down the line. You could always go with a Teensy 3.5 as it is 5v tolerant and will talk fine to mega directly wired with the uarts

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    I keep running into dead ends on this. Im thiking I will be moving midi over the serial lines from the t4.1 to the mega and back. Now I wonder if I go with opto isolators as you would with a midi input. Or is there a good IC anyone can reccommend to handle this?

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    What you want for a level shifter is an ADUM1201. They can be obtained ready mounted on breakout board like this.

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