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Thread: PXP documentation error

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    PXP documentation error

    In imxrt.h we have:

    #define PXP_PS_CTRL_WB_SWAP ((uint32_t)(1<<5))

    This agrees with the rev. 2 reference manual page 1939 which shows the WB_SWAP in PXP_PS_CTRL as bit 5.

    However, in recent testing I have verified that in order to swap bytes, you need to set bit 6.

    Revision 3 of the i.MXRT1062 Reference Manual corrects the error and properly defines the swap bit as bit 6. This manual just came out back in July of this year. I wonder what other hidden gems it is hiding amongst its 3521 pages?

    I didn't notice this until I started working with a camera that required swapping bytes for proper YUV422 input.

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    Wow, good catch. I see that the date on the rev 3 manual is 07/21, but it was only released on Nov 11. Appendix B is titled "Substantive Changes for this Revision", but it doesn't provide details like the one you found.

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