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Thread: Teensy 4.1 native SPDIF out doen't synchronize

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    Teensy 4.1 native SPDIF out doen't synchronize

    I tried 3 different devices (with 44.1kHz SR SPDIF in) to connect to the T 4.1. The best I got was some expected sound with lots of clicks and noise. The other 2 just produced noise. The same program worked with the T 4. What am I'm missing here?

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    From that absolute minimal information nobody can answer it.
    The code is the same on T4/T4.1.
    Maybe the crystal is a bit off. It gets better when you cool or heat the teensy, it's a crystal problem.
    Or just a electrical problem.

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    The problem went away, as soon as I removed the delay from the design.Although the USB had no real problems (besides the usual clicks), the SPDIF went bonkers. Without delay: no problem. Thanks Frank.
    (I'm aware,that my information was a little vague, but I didn't want to paste 30000 lines of code here). My program is not only a 6 voice synth, but also a sophisticated MIDI controller.)
    Anyway, good to know, it's not a HW issue.

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