I would like to accomplish the following things but since I don't have the necessary skills I ask you.
I make a list of the functions that I would like to implement:


random playback of music tracks in memory at the programmed time.
daily or weekly alarm programming
automatic update of daylight saving time - standard time
buffer battery in case of power blackout


audio player with output that goes to the external I2s DAC.
4 keys to play 4 songs.
infinite loop function
when the alarm time comes, the automatic loop must be deactivated to allow the alarm to go off.

I am not a programmer but I have seen on the net that there are lines of code ready, for example the change of daylight saving time - solar for even if it is for arduino.
admitted to find them all I wonder if I can put together the lines of code found on the net.
or I wonder if there is a very simple way to accomplish what I would like