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Thread: Teensyduino encoder library "provides 4X counting mode" ?

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    Teensyduino encoder library "provides 4X counting mode" ?

    Hi, I am using an encoder and the values returned are skipping by 4 (each detent increments the value by 4). I understand this is because the encoder has quadrature output, however, the Teensyduino encoder library "provides 4X counting mode" correct? How do I engage the 4x counting mode?

    My circuit is on a pcb with the bourns recomended circuit so I am confident this is a software question. I could divide by 4, but I want to use the library functionality if it it is available.

    Bourns Encoder Cat. No. PEC12R-2225F-N0024
    Teensy LC


    #include <Encoder.h>
    Encoder knobLeft(12, 22);
    void setup() {
    Serial.println("Encoder Test:");
    long positionLeft = -999;
    void loop() {
    long newLeft;
    newLeft =;
    if (newLeft != positionLeft) {
    Serial.print("Left = ");
    positionLeft = newLeft; }
    if (Serial.available()) {;
    Serial.println("Reset both knobs to zero");

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    For another take on managing encoders look here:-

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    Thank you MatrixRat. I will try implementing the EncoderTool library from luni64.

    I added my schematic - maybe I executed the example from Bourns incorrectly.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemontauk View Post
    How do I engage the 4x counting mode?
    The encoder library is, by design, operating in 4x counting mode: "The library updates its count at each change, which is often called 4X counting". It's not a mode you can select.
    I just divide by 4 to count the detents.


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    Thank you for clarifying Paul. I will divide by 4.

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