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Thread: No Audio From Shields

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    No Audio From Shields

    Hi I've purchased 5 Audio shields in the past year...

    I've tried soldering the pins on the audio shield to the teensy, using jumpers etc.

    Usually the audio shield outputs sound from the board and line out at first, and then suddenly after programming it stops making sound, and then I can never get it to work again, although my teensy microcontroller itself still sends and receives the proper signals and commands. I've also tried using different teensy boards.

    I'm using the teensy 3.2 with the audio board, and testing the audio with the Audio Hardware Test under Tutorials in Examples where a beep is sent out the line out/headphone jack. I try getting audio from the line out and the headphone jack but nothing...
    After my 5th shield I've decided something that I'm doing must be completely wrong. I tested several computers, several usb cables, several ways of fixing the pins. Usually the board gives out after 1 or 2 days of experimentation.

    Any ideas people???

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    Can you post photos of a shield attached to a T3.2?


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    What revision shield are you using? Rev D is for the Teensy 4.x while Rev C is for the T3.x.

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    Difficult to guess what's going wrong when we can't see what you're doing. Photos, code, and details of what you're really doing would really help.

    I can tell you I've had the same 1 rev C and 2 rev D audio shields on my workbench for the last year, which get used regularly with various Teensy boards for testing and troubleshooting problems people encounter.

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