I'm working on a project which requires the OctoWS2811 Library. I started this project a few months ago and bought a Teensy 3.6 with the OctoWS2811 Adaptor to play with it.

Now I'd like to move forward with a much more bigger led setup (1200+ leds) so according to the limit of 1000 LEDs by Teensy, I'm planning to buy a new one (with its adaptor) to sync it with the first one.

See in https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_OctoWS2811.html, section VideoDisplay Example Program, "With each Teensy 3.0 driving approximately 1000 LEDs (or less)"

But the Teensy 3.6 is currently out of stock.

Do you think I can use my Teensy 3.6 with a Teensy 4.1, 4.0, 3.5 or I should wait for the 3.6 to be back in stock?

According to the below OctoWS2811 article, "When using more than 1 board, the video Frame Sync (pin 12) signal must be connected to all boards."

Will the two different "teensies" behave as expected?

Thanks !