Why should we use a Teensy?

Let's face it, we makers are a promiscuous lot.
We have a large selection of tools available and we will use the closest at hand at the lowest cost that fits the need. That is just how the cookie crumbles. Brand loyalty has nothing to do with it.

Or so I thought, until I met the Teensy. And then something strange happened. I found myself irrationally devoted to the Teensy, to the point where I used a Teensy to make a password safe. Now this was a case of using a nut to crack a sledgehammer (yes, I know, a gigantic sledgehammer to crack a nut).

Why was I so irrationally devoted to the Teensy?(or was it irrational?)
1) amazing power in a tiny form factor. Sometimes this really, really matters.
2) the ethos of PJRC. His friendly, responsive helpfulness shines through in the forum. But it is much more than that. It is paired with intelligent, insightful competence that I sometimes think of as sheer brilliance.
3) the depth, competence and devotion of the community supporting the Teensy. They are always helpful and invariably have good answers. They extend and enrich the Teensy ecosystem in ways that always amazes me.

Do I have any regrets? Yes, Covid has made the ordering of the Teensy a costly, slow business with haphazard outcomes. It has wreaked havoc with the supply chain to my remote country. But it has done much worse to other people.