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Thread: Guitar + Bluetooth input -> Crossover -> Tweeter & subwoofer

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    Guitar + Bluetooth input -> Crossover -> Tweeter & subwoofer


    I am designing a Bluetooth and Guitar speaker.

    (1) Input:

    1, Bluetooth Input (I2S)
    2, Guitar Input (Line In, ADC)

    (2) Merger / Mixer:

    Merged into one channel.

    (3) EQ:
    for Frequency response of speakers.

    (4) Crossover:
    Crossover and output to tweeter and woofer (Crossover point: 3000hz)

    Project of ADI ADAU1701 in Sigmastudio:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used sigmastudio and adau1701 to implement it before, but I feel that the guitar sound is not very good. So I focus on teensy, but teensy seems to have no way to implement merge and crossover. Can someone tell me how to implement a similar design in Teensy Audio Design Tool?

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    Merge would be AudioMixer4, crossover filtering a couple of instances of AudioFilterBiquad, using Linkwitz/Riley 4th order perhaps?
    Many online filter design tools are available that will take a filter spec and sampling rate and spit out biquadratic filter stages (aka second-order
    stages) that can be plugged into AudioFilterBiquad.

    However guitar inputs usually need high-impedance buffering as they expect much higher load impedances (1M or so) than standard line-level (47k).

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