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Thread: Teensy Pixel Pusher (DuotrigesimalWS2811)

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    Teensy Pixel Pusher (DuotrigesimalWS2811)

    I just want to share a breakout board I've been working on for a couple of years. This is a takeoff/expansion of the octoWS2811 for the Teensy 4.1, that brings 32 pins out to the RJ45 sockets instead of the 8 available on the octo board. It also pulls out the ethernet onto the board for ethernet access. I designed this to run my christmas lights. It can also run a matrix, or any other WS2811 project. The code linked to below is specific for E1.31 data, but could easily be modified to receive commands via another method, such as USB, or from a file on an inserted SD card. Since the T4.1 has so much more built in capabilities than the other PJRC boards, especially with the onboard ethernet, I needed a breakout board that would access more of the power of this board than the octoWS2811 was capable of. This board is primarily an expansion of that awesome board. I want to thank everyone on the forum who has helped me get this working, and especially Paul for giving us all the awesome Teensy 4.1 board to play with.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The main improvements on the octoWS2811 board are:
    • 32 Pinouts
    • Onboard Ethernet
    • Onboard Power Regulation (6-12v input, 5v delivered to chip)

    The sync pin wasn't brought out, as I didn't need to sync multiple boards. The math says this board should support up to 32,000 pixels. In practice, I've only got it up to about 4,000.

    github: DuotrigesimalWS2811 board design
    github: Example code for e1.31 input data
    youtube: project video

    I've made my prototype production extras available on If there is interest, I'll keep the store stocked.

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    Are there any build photos of it connected & running?

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    I have attached a couple of images of the Teensy Pixel Pusher in action.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is awesome! Added myself to the waitlist, so I hope you'll consider stocking more
    I've been looking at options to upgrade my light show from a Teensy 3.2 to a Teensy 4.0 or 4.1. This would give me a ton of room to expand and has the horsepower to run my show at 60fps (or higher).

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    I have more boards on order. Just waiting for them to show up. Iíve been working on a few changes to the board so once I get the ones in Iím waiting for, I probably wonít order more til Iím done making changes. Mostly just making it work with easier to get parts.

    Iím also working on a splitter board that takes rj45 (signal) and power in and has screw terminals to connect light strands. I have a few prototypes available on tindie as well. I wonít create a new post about it here until I have the full kit built and tested. I just soldered everything to the prototype board for my show this year. You can see them in the build photo on this post. I do have a few of those available, and more in production. The new ones in production have a fuse holder on them for some power protection as well.

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