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Thread: FREE Menu Library for ILI9341 Displays

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    FREE Menu Library for ILI9341 Displays

    If you have ever used a TFT display and don't / can't enable touch capability, you may have needed a menu system to let users set calibration settings, parameters, colors or other "Tools | Options" type things. Writing menu code is tedious but I've decided to make my personal library available to all.

    This library will simplify creating and implementing a menu system for TFT displays that are use the ILI9341_t3 library and Teensy(R) microcontrollers. This library includes two menu objects:

    1. A simple selection menu (ItemMenu object) where the user can scroll up/down and select an item and some programmer-defined action can be performed such as drawing a screen or activating a sub menu
    2. A menu with in-line editing (EditMenu object) where the user can scroll up/down the list and select an item, however the difference is that move/up down on a selected item will scroll the values stored with that menu item, selecting a selected item will restore control to moving up/down the menu list

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Library highlights

    • Automatic wrapping for menu rows that exceed screen size
    • For EditMenu objects, edits can be within a defined range or from an array
    • Menus can include no icon, mono icon, or color icons
    • Programmer has full control over margins, colors, fonts, etc.
    • Menus can have up to 15 items, but expandable to more by editing the #define MAX_OPT 15
    • Menu items can be enabled or disabled through code
    • Automatic wrapping during editing for items within editable menus
    • Menu item text can be changed at any time through code
    • Initial data in EditMenu objects can be set based on stored or set values
    • Menu selector bars can have round or sharp corners and have a border to accentuate selection
    • Automatic up/down arrows on top and bottom screen rows to indicate to the user "there's more"

    Code here:

    YouTube video demo here:


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    Wow Kris - fantastic library!!!!!

    Will definitely save a heck of a lot of time !!!! Great video as well on using the library as always.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    If anyone must use the Adafruit_ILI9431 display driver (and say an ESP32), I have created a specific library for that driver.

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    Excellent tutorial. Thank you.

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