Good evening!

I am writing this post because I need some help with an OLED screen I should use with my Teensy 4.1.

It is an Osram Pictiva, here you can find the only one library I have been able to find:

This library is very awesome, but it is quite dated and has only been tested with Teensy 3.x series.

I have made the connection exactly as you can see in the schematics, execpt for the pull up resistor of 10 ohm that I have assumed as a typo and replaced with a 10K one instead.
Moreover, as you can see in the "basic.ino" example (Hello world!) pin 9 has been swapped to pin 23.

I have uploaded the basic.ino example receiving a warning "Generic ARM detected: non sure if your board is compatible" and the screen doesn't work
So I have found the file "_CPU_commons.h" in "includes_ folder" and modified it to only leave the Teensy boards to force it not to fall into ARM generic board since it doesn't recognise the Teensy 4.1 because it doesn't existed whgen the library has been written.

Now, no warning detected, code uploaded and the screen works bad, it turns on, displays some characters for a while and then a series of dot and lines.

I have tested connections and all is fine, so it is not a connection related issue.
The CLK (13) pin shows a led that sometimes blink, not sure why and if it's a good sign.
The clock seems a little quite noisy checked with an oscilloscope.

It can be a clock related issue? Since the library has been written for Teensy 3.1 there is something I should take into account to make it compatible with Teensy 4.1?
I have also tried to modify the Teensy CPU speed but nothing has been chanced.

Many thanks for your help and support, it would be great if I will be able to use this display!