1. I saw many projects done TSOP39338 receiver with a remoter, can TSOP39338 receiver receive signal from a IR LED? and how? no matter used one or two Arduino.

2. https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_IRremote.html
IRsend irsend;
Create the transmit object. A fixed pin number is always used, depending on which timer the library is utilizing.

irsend.sendNEC(IRcode, numBits);
Send a code in NEC format.

irsend.sendSony(IRcode, numBits);
Send a code in Sony format.

irsend.sendRC5(IRcode, numBits);
Send a code in RC5 format.

irsend.sendRC6(IRcode, numBits);
Send a code in RC6

irsend.sendRaw(rawbuf, rawlen, frequency);

does this mean that the IR LED can only send the 5 types data format above?
is this OK:
irsend.sendANY(anydate, numBits);
Send a code in ANY?