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Thread: Modify / correct old Forum Posts

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    Modify / correct old Forum Posts

    it would be good to be able to modify old forum posts. As far as I know, only the last post can be modified.
    As I am always learning, sometimes it turns out, that something written in the early posts is stupid. It would then be helpful for people reading the thread if I could mark stupid things with strikethrough and a comment.

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    Post edit time is limited to 2 hours for non-admin users. This was done partially for spammers saying one thing in a thread and returning later to edit the content with true spam when it won't show in "what's New". Also done to prevent loss of info where a user returns and removes posts for some odd reason taking away context or useful info.

    If there is something really wrong, or a prior post was a guidepost to a library for instance, update it with a new post - indicating the post in error. That may be enough, or it might get noticed and edited back into the original where ADMINs and Sr+ can edit.

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    Sadly, the spambot editing was a big problem before the 2 hour limit. We also had a couple cases where someone got frustrated and edited all their messages in a bad way, but that’s rare. I believe it’s only ever happened a couple times. We used to get several old messages turned into spam every day.

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