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Thread: wifi radio + audio noise

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    wifi radio + audio noise

    Hi all,
    Need to ask the collective wisdom here for some advice. I have a teensy 4.1, a ublox wifi radio, and audio driver/playback (based off Paul's audio shield) all occupying the same space. My version of the audio playback is pretty much exactly like Paul's (same components), only redesigned the board a bit since it sits next to, versus on top/below, the teensy.

    My problem is noise from the wifi radio making its way into the audio signal. I have very little (let's just say none for the sake of argument) knowledge on how to possibly filter the audio signal or the power to the audio driver to rid of the noise, so looking for pointers on where to look for more info, or any shared experience from others coming across a similar problem. Happy to share grabs of my eagle files (schematics and board layouts), etc. if that would be helpful! Just need a shove in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi David,
    separate Audio GND, star-gnd, and a separate voltage regulator for audio might help, shielding too. Low impedance audio connections.
    I have had issues with SPI or I2C signals coming into audio in a project and abandoned it....
    Good luck!

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