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Thread: Feasibility of using stripboard as Omnichord style strum plate?

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    Feasibility of using stripboard as Omnichord style strum plate?

    I want to make a touch sensor something like the strum plate on the Omnichord.
    I thought I might be able to get away with very standardized parts by using strip board as the sensors. I would wire analog/digital multiplexer boards straight to the strip board. It would also add resistors to each strip, connecting them to a power rail like in the teensy CapacitiveSensor sensor demo.
    I would cover the strip board with a transparency or use a clear coating to seal the copper and prevent oxidation.

    The Omnichord is an instrument that pics up multiple fingers swiping across a sensor and notes almost like a harp.
    Here is a video of someone pulling one apart.

    From this it seems to be sandwiched like this.

    paint masking exposed touch pads
    Plastic/foil sticker (possibly the metal is charged by a wire so that it can pass current through to lower layers when pressed but I don't know)
    Velostat like layer glued or painted onto plastic foil (pressure changes resistance allowing a connection)
    glue layer
    metal ribbon cable contacts printed on plastic. Would be replaced by strip board.

    For my version I could try something like plastic transparency (possibly with printing on the inner side) or laminated decal.
    Metal tape (aluminum or copper) attached to positive voltage limited by a resistor.
    spray glue (possibly something like Rapid TAC)
    spray glue
    strip board multiplexer

    Obviously something like this needs some experimentation to get right but is it basically workable given how the Capacitive sensors on Teensy work?

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    I guess there is nothing glaringly wrong about the plan and I will go ahead with attempting it.

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