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Thread: Teensy 3.2 pt8211 with OLED SSD1306

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    Teensy 3.2 pt8211 with OLED SSD1306

    Hi everyone!

    I'm working on an Audio Project and using the pt8211 with Teensy 3.2 for 16 bit audio. I'm also using an OLED 128x32 screen. I tested the pt8211 using the example hardware test sketch and all works/sounds fine, the OLED is also working fine, and displaying as it should. The oled is wired to pins 18 and 19 for sda/scl and uses the wire library. The problem I'm having is when I use these two together the audio out is very distorted. If I comment out my code for the display the Audio sounds fine, so im guessing its some data transmission issues. I've attached my code. Any way around this?
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    Try removing AudioNoInterrupts(); from your loop. You need to let the audio processing happen in the background while you write the display.

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