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Thread: Teensy 4.1 and 120 DAC ?

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    Teensy 4.1 and 120 DAC ?

    Hello everyone ,

    I come to you because I have questions.
    I'm working on a monophonic analog synthesizer project totally driven by midi. This project is progressing well, every day has its victories...

    However, eventually I want to make a polyphonic synthesizer, the initial idea was to make 6 synthesizers (vco/vcf/vca) and let the midi controller do the maneuver (note 1 on voice 1, note 2 on voice 2,.. .). Communication is carried out by USB between the midi controller and the synthesizer, which itself is driven in CV by a teensy 4.1 via 20 DACs (max11300).

    Now I tell myself that I could also multiplex a voice and the CVs to obtain 6 voices controlled independently of each other. However, I would then need 120 DACs (i.e. 6 max11300).

    Will the teensy4.1 be able to follow without too much latency and while maintaining correct sampling?

    cordially Jeremy

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    Does it have to be all analog? You could use the audio library to implement 120 oscillators.

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    Yes the entire audio path must remain completely analog. The CVs are there to manage the opening and closing of envelopes and filters such as the VcF / vca .

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