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Thread: Using analogWriteFrequency on Teensy 4.1 @ ~2 Hz or lower

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    Using analogWriteFrequency on Teensy 4.1 @ ~2 Hz or lower

    Hello All,
    I'm working on a project using the Teensy 4.1 and I want to use the analogWriteFrequency function to set the frequency to around 2 Hz. Will this cause any issues?
    I read on an earlier forum post that there might be issues regarding running the analogWriteFrequency function at a lower clock. I wasn't sure if this was relevant anymore because the post was from years ago. Will it also be able to run consistently at around 1Hz to 0.5 Hz?

    My best,

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    see discussion on "slow PWM" for Teensy 4 using XBAR

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    Another choice is to use Teensy_Slow_PWM library

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