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Thread: WTF IS this board?

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    WTF IS this board?

    The first image is from JLCPCB. When ordering stencils at JLCPCB, I've been scared by this image at times and have always hated it because it looks like my board file has got screwed up, from those components placed at an angle which I've never done. I'm sorry this is as big as it gets.
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    Then I saw this today at
    Click image for larger version. 

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    WTF?! Unless they both are fond of this particular design someone ordered to print, one may have stolen a pic from the other! I've not used in the past few years because 1) they are more expensive, and 2) their stainless steel sheets aren't flat, too curved, and curved in the wrong direction, arching the middle of the stencil and causing problems.

    What I'm more interested in is what IS this board? Is it a messed up teensy?

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    Stencils are designed to be stretched taut in a stencil frame, the fact the stainless came off a roll (which is why they
    have a curve) wouldn't normally cause issues used with a frame (might make storage an issue though). No idea what the
    circuit is, but perhaps from an open-source PCB/Gerber testsuite?

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    Thanks @mark. I think JLCPCB must have very large rolls and may have pressed the non-framed stencils before shipping. Theirs are much flatter than osh stencil's.

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