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Thread: can I use a single Midi-port for both midi in and out?

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    can I use a single Midi-port for both midi in and out?

    Im building a synth where I use an old midi keyboard to control a teensy using the schematic on this page.

    I want to be able to control other synths with the midi controller, so I simply split the signal from the midi out of the controller.
    I also want to be able to control my synth extrenally - Can I simply send midi-data into the same port as I sent out midi, since it's connected to the midi input of the teensy.

    Here's a simple illustration to make it easier to understand:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I believe what you want is a MIDI splitter, so you can send the MIDI output from your keyboard to both Teensy and something else which receives MIDI. Right?

    Many MIDI devices have this built in, called "Thru", which just transmit another exact copy of whatever arrives on its MIDI input. The circuitry is simple to build, just a buffer chip and resistors.

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