I'm thinking about teensy 4.1 to replace an esp32 which reached its limits in a project. But I need ethernet and wifi.
For ethernet, no problem, it's embeded in Teensy 4.1, cool!
But for wifi, it seems more tricky. From the posts I've read, the best suggested options are to use an ... esp32. Which is the device I want to replace!
In my project, the network activity is quite intensive (real time streaming on the udp layer...) and ethernet+wifi are used together in a fault tolerance system (if ethernet fails, wifi takes the place).
I've been able to implement this with an esp32 and an ethernet shield. But it's not enough reliable. The esp can crash when there's too much network traffic.
So keeping an esp32 doesn't seem a good option to me.
Also I don't see how to manage a fault tolerance system with on one side the embeded ethernet and on the other side an esp32 (connected through Serial?)
So what are the other options to add wifi to a Teensy 4.1 board in the same way (on the same layer) it manages ethernet?