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Thread: Teensy 4.1 Lockable production programming workflow

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    Teensy 4.1 Lockable production programming workflow

    Is anyone using a lockable Teensy 4.1 in production? I am starting to produce my Teensy 4.1 based product and was curious as to what the most optimal workflow is for programming and securing the Teensy. It appears that part of this process has to be done from the Teensyduino "security" window. Do I sit down with a box of Teensy 4.1s and start running the fuse write sketch, followed by the lock security sketch on each Teensy 4.1? Then go back and program them all with my encrypted hex file using the Teensy Loader? Any advice appreciated. I just want to do 100 of these at a time in the most efficient way possible. Thanks.

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    Use Teensy Loader's auto mode. Once the HEX file is loaded and auto mode is on (which is the default if Arduino caused the hex file to load automatically), then you just plug each Teensy into the USB and press its pushbutton. Programming happens automatically and the whole thing is done in just a few seconds. Just plug each one in and press its button. Then repeat for the other HEX file to lock secure mode, and a 3rd time with the EHEX file for your application.

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