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Thread: DIY Teensy 4.1 kicad files

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    DIY Teensy 4.1 kicad files

    Hi all,
    I've now published my Kicad schematic and board files for making a custom T4.1 on
    This file has a known bug in that it turns the USB switch for the USB host feature off when it should be turned on. The part I used was dictated by the parts shortage, so you may want to change that part anyway.

    Here are repositories for my other Teensy schematics:
    T3.2 example files
    T3.6 example files

    My USB Type C connector repo may also be interesting:

    As you can see, the board is quite a bit larger than Paul's highly optimized board but this was sufficient for my purpose and 4 layer setup. Feel free to post pictures here if you use this as a basis for your own designs!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Amazing job!
    Thank you for these files as a starting point, can't wait to make my own design.
    For the BGA I would've tried a heat gun soldering station... thanks for the tip with the hot plate, never seen these for soldering. I hope to get all parts together and post a picture soon

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    It's ok and it works?
    The next time I lay out this chip I'll be sure to read all of the PJRC page on this Scroll down and you'll find a great strategy for getting better connections to Power and GND than I have used In fact - be sure to read ALL of that page before laying out the board!

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