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Thread: Teensy 4.1 pins 42-54 for micromod design

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    Teensy 4.1 pins 42-54 for micromod design

    I'm trying to design a board with micromod teensy to include both a PSRAM and sd card slots so I'm in need for the pins that these things use, 42-52.
    It seems that the m.2 connector's pins 60-62-64-66-68-70 are dedicated to the sd card's 4-pin SDC/MMC interface. I can use that to connect to an sd card slot.
    But I'm having trouble locating the PSRAM and extra FLASH connections, marked as 48-54. By cross comparing published Teensy 4.1 schematic and sparkfun's, I kind of mapped these:

    Teensy sch. Sparkfun M.2
    EMC-24 QSPI-CS
    EMC-26 QSPI-0
    EMC-27 QSPI-1
    EMC-28 QSPI-2
    EMC-29 QSPI-3

    So is the above the correct pins for PSRAM? Sparkfun also marked them as SD_B1_0x pins. They are not brought out to the M.2 slot. So I can't use PSRAM if I use sparkfun micromod, correct?

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    I think I read that there's no PSRAM on the MicroMod. No ethernet either. Shame. Imagine if there was something as compact as MicroMod but with all or most of the pins of the IMXR1060Ti brought out. That would be the amazing!

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    Not only does the micromod has no PSRAM, it also didn't bring out the pins to connect to PSRAM externally. Maybe same is true for ethernet. This makes micromod quite limited.

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