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Thread: Read two freqcount at same time

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    Read two freqcount at same time

    Hello, I have two sensors that make pulse around 50khz to 120khz, I need to count them both at the same time, how can I do it with teensy 3.2 or is that possible to do it?
    Frqucnycunter liberary just read one sensor on pin 13

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    Maybe try FreqCount for the higher frequency and FreqMeasure for the lower frequency?

    If the speed is too fast for FreqMeasure, maybe add a hardware divider circuit to lower the frequency.

    Unfortunately there is only one LPTRM inside Teensy 3.2, so FreqCount is limited to counting only 1 frequency. It is a hardware limitation. No amount of software can overcome the fact that only 1 external count capable timer exists within the chip.

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