I've been using the Teensy LC for a few textile based projects and it's been excellent due it's small size and the incredible number of analog inputs and PWM pins. I used it to create a reactive muslin based piece which responds to your touch. It uses a 6x6 touch sensor to detect how you touch it and 8 SMD LEDs to display its reactions.

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Short video of the piece.

Although it's excellent to work with, I found it difficult to use it while testing and debugging due its small size. So I created a soft breakout board!

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It's created using fabric scraps–denim, snaps, cotton–and magnet wire. Each snap is connected to a pin, and its larger size allows it be easily used with crocodile clips while prototyping. The larger size is very much counter intuitive to the Teensy, but this so much easier to work with when testing!

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The wiring at the back.

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When you want to use it for a project, apply copper tape onto the snaps and solder on to the tape! Here it is being used for a curtain based project, along with a LiPo battery. When I'm done with the project, simply remove the copper tape and reuse it again!

Feedback is welcome! Happy to share files and other material if you want to make it for yourself!

Salil Parekh