This might be a very noob question, any pointers and help would be deeply appreciated.

  1. I am attempting to replicate:
  2. I want to extend this to support data via USB audio
  3. There is no need for me to have a high sample rate, ideally few khz sampling would be more than enough for my need

Ideal Flow: PC -> USB (2 channel muxed input) -> Teensy 4.1 -> demux code with alignment -> TDM (16 channels) -> DAC -> Amplifier

  1. Can i use teensy to show more than two channels, say 16 via USB audio?
  2. If not can I multiplex 16 channels down to two channels, and demux it at teensy?
  3. How do I process the data from USB, all the examples I have seen uses patchcord directly

Any pointers to any existing code would be deeply appreciated.