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Thread: Peak detection & Envelope follower

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    Peak detection & Envelope follower

    Hi !

    I try to detect the peaks and the time of the peaks for a bass whose amplitude is modulated by LFO's.

    I first tried with the peak object by sampling the input several times in a second.

    The result is it seems like I get the green values shown in the picture below. I think it is normal because they are actually the peaks of the sound.

    But I want to detect the peaks of the envelope (in red in the picture).

    Do I have to first apply an envelope follower to the signal then apply the peak object to the envelope rather than to the signal ?

    Also, I should mention that my goal is to detect the peaks for a bass modulated by an LFO modulated by another LFO modulated by another LFO... so I think it can't be as straightforward as if using only one sine modulator on the bass carrier like shown in the picture. This is why I think I need peak detector and envelope follower. Tell me .

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The waveform looks like amplitude modulation, so I would try rectifying, low pass filtering, and then peak detection. I do not know if that would work or not.

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