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Thread: Raspberry PI Raspbian 64Bit OS support ?

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    Raspberry PI Raspbian 64Bit OS support ?

    I would like to migrate over to Raspian 64bit on my Raspberry PI 4's as after testing performance seems smoother.

    Paul, is there any chance you will be supporting this for Teensyduino ?

    Thanks and Regards
    (and sorry if this has been asked before , I couldn't find in a search!)

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    Just yesterday I installed Arduino 1.8.19 Arduino + TD 1.57B2 onto an RPI 4 that I install Ubuntu 2204 64 bit.

    I mentioned it up at:

    Today same machine I installed Arduino 2 RC 7 from:
    on the same machine and I installed the TD 1.56 install talked about in this thread:

    And they appear to work

    Edit: Forgot to mention that Arduino IDE 1.x for ARM 64 I would probably try from:

    The one marked: Linux Installer (AARCH64 / Jetson TX2)
    Likewise from would download the ARM64 version.

    Note: I have not tried the Raspion 64 bit OS in awhile so not sure in that case.
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    I have Arduino 1.8.19 and Teensyduino 1.56 running on "raspian" 64 ( raspberry pi os 64 bit ) on a 8gb RPI 4 ...and while I haven't done much heavy lifting with it, it does seem to work fine.

    As Kurt says grab the ARM64 / AARCH64 - Jetson TX2 versions

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    Many thanks.

    I installed the " AARCH64 - Jetson TX2 " and its running fine so far.

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