I am designing a Teensy 4.1 into my PCB project using Eagle. I will be mounting the T4.1 using breakaway headers. I already am aware that the holes for the Ethernet connector are of a different size and spacing. I have found many libraries for the T4.1 any many seem to fit the bill with the exception of the drill hole sizes.
Every library has different drill hole sizes. I examined the design drawings for the T4.1. None of them specify the drill hole sizes. I understand that plating reduces the diameter of the hole typically by 2-3 mil.
From what I understand, OSH Park is an example of a fab that expects finished hole sizes. Specifying a 20 mil hole means they select an 23 mil drill, plate it, and give you a 20 mil hole.

Some guidance of the T4.1 pre and post plated hole size would be most helpful.