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Thread: picovoice for teensy ?

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    picovoice for teensy ?

    Hi everybody,

    some minutea ago I discovered this article about picovoice

    This sounds very interesting. They claim that this approach for voice-recognition can even run on microcontrollers.
    My first thinking was. "april fooling? " No. It is a very different approach than general voice-recognition.

    For a teensy this should be possible too.

    @ PaulStoffregen: what do you think?

    best regards Stefan

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    This is certainly possible, although it depends what level of "voice-recognition" you are looking for in terms of complexity and functionality. Full NLP (e.g. Alexa) I am doubtful, but you can likely cover most of the key phrases along with any wakeword detection on device. NXP has several voice solutions running on these microcontrollers on their website, and I see picovoice has a demo running on a RT1050-EVK, a device which appears to be extremely similar to the RT1062 on T4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StefanL38 View Post
    @ PaulStoffregen: what do you think?
    I think it seems really interesting, but I'm too overloaded with dealing with chip shortages and another PCB revision on Teensy 4.0 & 4.1 to do anything with voice recognition right now.

    I'm hopeful the chip crisis will look better by late July, but very difficult to know right now.

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