I wonder what may have caused a CRC error. I was transmitting data that T41 received from PC to a device that T41 was hosting. The data was a complete packet of 512 bytes. The Beagle between T41 and device recorded 512-4*16 bytes with a wrong CRC. The Wrong CRC was 0x5a69. I calculated the data's CRC-16/USB, 512-4*16 bytes, and the CRC is 0xa596, so with digits 5 and a switched up, and 6 and 9 switched up. I wonder if that was jut a random thing. Right after this packet, two more OUT packets were sent to the device by T41 before what I think was T41 crashed and rebooted. I wonder what may cause CRC error. Does the CRC get calculated and saved in transfer packet memory by USB cores so if my T41 misbehaved then it could overwrite this part of the transfer packet?