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Thread: Converting .1-3v3 PWM to .1-5v PWM w/ Teensy 3.5

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    Converting .1-3v3 PWM to .1-5v PWM w/ Teensy 3.5

    I am trying to control a 3-Phase BLDC Blower Fan Motor Controller w/ PWM, then control that PWM "analog" voltage scale with PID. I am not receiving the full duty cycle of the Blower Fan, because 3v3 is the maximum PWM output, while the controller wants a 5v PWM voltage scale. So, in reality on the controller side I'm receiving a 66% Duty Cycle. 66% is just on the cusp of being too slow for my application. If any of you know a good way to convert the entire voltage scale that would be awesome thanks!

    I bought this and I couldn't get it to work. Based on what I read after I received it and started testing, I don't think it's going to work. However, If I am wrong and it should work, please tell me.

    I don't understand the frequency side of things very well when it comes to PWM. Should I change the resolution at all? The controller says its 1-20khz, so does that mean that in my code I need to:
    analogWriteFrequency(PWM, 20000);
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