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Thread: XInputUSB is undefined

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    XInputUSB is undefined

    Today I revisited an old project of mine running on a Teensy LC. Some changes in updated libraries made for a bit of a puzzle but I got it all sorted out. The one thing I can't seem to fix is enabling the USB_XINPUT mode of the Teensy. I have teensyduino installed but I work in VSCode however I do have a USB_XINPUT define in the c_cpp_properties.json. An important note is that this has worked fine previously. The one thing I can see that has been updated is the teensyduino package. Even in USB mode/type I cannot see XINPUT as I am certain I have before. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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    Sorry, I don't find that symbol in anything when I do a search in my case <arduino.1.8.19/hardware/teensy/avr>
    So I have no idea what it might be.

    It might help someone to help you if you included some additional information, like what version of Arduino/Teensyduino you are running now versus earlier.
    (or in the same way VSCode...)

    What libraries? Example code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtE View Post
    What libraries? Example code?
    It looks like sebrk is referring to this and this library.


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    Thanks, my guess then is:

    If you updated your Teensyduino version, it overwrote your changes to the core files.

    Look at the Readme file of:
    file and it talks about installing the files and you need to replace or augment some of the core files

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    Actually I'm using the much older MSF-XINPUT which seems to be the basis for the ones you link. I should probably start with changing the library altogether . I don't remember editing core files last time but I probably misremember as I also cannot find any hints in the USB descriptors. Thanks for waking my sleepy brain up guys!

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