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Thread: Which os could I run on Teensy 4.1 that give me a CLI that can run simple sw?

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    Which os could I run on Teensy 4.1 that give me a CLI that can run simple sw?

    Been looking at RTOS; but those are a waste of resource for my user case since I just want a simple CLI based OS I can run on the Teensy. Something similar to what used to run on old computers like the Amstrad CPC or the C64 and so on. My ideal would be something like DOS 6 or CP/M.

    The Teensy is connected to a small LCD and few IO devices, so the idea is to run some OS that allow me to use the teensy as portable device for basic serial communication, write text and other simple application, kinda like what old 8 bit machines used to do in the old age (considering that something like a MSX would run a full basic interpreter and simple OS on a 4MHz CPU, I assume doing something similar on a beast like the Teensy should be fine). Many routers and other IOT devices are totally stand alone and can run their own OS to function independently, and I believe those are less powerful than a teensy 4.1.

    Does anyone have suggestions about what to use? If I could run a CLI on the LCD screen connected to the teensy and do what I would do like in 1984 on an old 8 bit machine (minus games of course, I don't care about that), but on something so low cost like a Teensy, it would be amazing and also would be a great distraction-free device that I could use to learn more about constrained embedded devices programming.

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    You might browse Blog Project Submission where a variety of emulators have appeared. Seem to recall one doing Dos.

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    RunCPM runs nicely on a 4.1. A 100MHz+ Z80 running CP/M.

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    Thanks, will take a look at RunCPM and will check the project blog.

    It does not need to be necessarily like DOS btw; I wish there was a simplified Linux terminal OS of some sort, that would basically act like if it was linux but without the whole OS on top of it

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    @ deelaleo

    You might also want to take a look at MicroBox. It is a Linux like shell that what written for use with Arduino.

    What's kind of interesting about it is that you can add your own commands to it. I have a severely hacked up version of it that I ported to the Teensy for testing the developments of the Teensyduino file systems. SD, littleFs and MSC.

    You might want to check out the above link.

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