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Thread: Question for anyone who has used Ethernet

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    Question for anyone who has used Teensy 4.1 Ethernet

    Can I upload code to the Teensy 4.1 through the Ethernet port
    Can I monitor data through the Teensy 4.1 Ethernet port
    Can I synchronize Teensy 4.1s & upload code without needing a serial cable?
    Can I synchronize Teensy 4.1s, upload code, and monitor data without needing a serial cable?


    I have a project where I will be synchronizing ~100 Teensy 4.1s together.
    I was going to use a synchronization pulse common to all the controllers with an interrupt.
    I found that I can use the Ethernet port for this:

    "The Ethernet port is capable of full 100 Mbps speed and supports the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol, which allows synchronization of clocks to within 100 ns over wired connections, enabling some very interesting possibilities."

    It would be nice if I could simplify the system with one Ethernet port. What I would like to do is synchronize, download, and possibly monitor data with the Ethernet port.

    This would eliminate the need for the synchronization cable, all the Serial cables, and figuring out which com port goes to which controller.
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