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Thread: I blew up my Teensy 3.6

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    I blew up my Teensy 3.6

    I got careless with my outputs and connected a power amp to the headphone output on my Teensy audio board, which killed my Teensy 3.6. Yeah, I know. I feel a right idiot.

    I have a spare 3.6 so development hasn't stopped but, if anyone in the UK has a Teensy 3.6 going spare and isn't asking silly money then I'd be grateful if they could message me.


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    That's tough man, I know exactly how easy it is for that to happen when you have those cables everywhere and plugging stuff in rarely has negative consequences. I'm in the US with no spare 3.6s but best of luck finding one

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    We'll survive. I have a 3.6, two 4.0's and a 4.1 I can keep going with the current projects on the 3.6 but will design new base boards for the 4.0 and 4.1. Getting PCBs fabricated is no longer the expensive nightmare it used to be so... just keep plugging along!

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