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Thread: Two ISR's on one pin

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    Two ISR's on one pin

    Hi all,
    first off all excuse me for my english language, i can read it fine, but writing is more difficult for me...

    Can i safely use two ISR's on the same GPIOpin? Or would it interfeer with each other?
    Or is it better to split the incoming signal to two different GPIO's

    Ex. 1 function on the "Rising" edge and then again 1 function on the "Falling" edge?

    When rising i would need to caputure some micros(), on falling i would have to trigger something else.
    The time between rise and fall can vary from 0.10ms to 0.60ms...


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    I think that should be fine, but the best way would be to test it, which should be very easy. Wire one pin to another pin, set the first as an output so it can send a pulse, and then attach interrupts onto the receiver pin.

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