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Thread: Integrate Teensy 4.1 design on custom PCB

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    Integrate Teensy 4.1 design on custom PCB


    Because of an ongoing project of ours, I would like to ask what it takes to integrate a MIMXRT1062CVL5B on our own PCB, it is a slightly different version than the one on Teensy 4.1. Differences are Temperature range industrial C and 500 Mhz processor.

    Due to support by e.g. Arduino and Zephyr I would like to stay close to the current design, because of compatibility.

    • Does this need a different bootloader? (remark on the page of the bootloader (compatibility with IMXRT1062DV*6B or IMXRT1062DV*6A))
    • Can the application code stay the same? Backward compatibility with the current teensy 4.1
    • Are there other considerations to keep into account?

    Any insight is welcome.


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    Nobody really knows. So far, at least as far as I know, nobody has built such a board and confirmed whether it works.

    NXP documents only a single JTAG ID on page 188 of the reference manual. So odds seem likely the bootloader chip won't be able to tell the difference between the different temperature spec parts. I can confirm the chip clocks at only 396 MHz when the bootloader is in control, not 600 MHz, so you should be fine with the 528 MHz limit of that part. Of course, while working with code, be careful to set Tools > CPU Speed to 528 MHz or less. It will default to 600 MHz.

    Truth is, I've never used the wide temperature parts. All I know is the info I've read. Sure looks like they're (probably) the exact same silicon, which NXP (maybe) tests different, and of course the one difference that doesn't take any guesswork is their price.

    Really the only way to find out would be to build a couple boards and see if they work. PJRC does not have any of the other temperature specs parts, so with the long lead times, seems unlikely I'll manage to test it.

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    Are you planning to use that chip only because it is currently in stock, or do you need the higher temp range?

    I have had luck ordering samples of MIMXRT1062DVJ6B from NXP's website even though they are out of stock for purchase.

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    Thank you very much for the reply @PaulStoffregen.

    @aaronlevan both, we do need the temp range and indeed the shortage does not help either.

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