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Thread: Extra Teensy 4.1s if anyone needs them

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    Extra Teensy 4.1s if anyone needs them

    Hey folks.

    I have 10 brand new Teensy 4.1s (no headers) that I'm not going to use. (I ordered them several months ago for a product, and then started designing a DIY teensy layout instead.) I noticed they're out of stock most places, so if anyone needs these, feel free to write me at I'm NOT trying to make a profit here, just trying to sell them at cost to someone who would use them during these shortages.

    Would love to get them all to one person, but I can break them up if necessary.


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    If matthew's supplies run out - I have an 1 x ethernet 4.1 (no headers) I don't need urgently but I'd also be happy to keep hold of.... so if any forum members are desperate in the UK I do have one here - unopened and untouched. But only if Matthew runs out above Not hijacking....

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    Thanks, Pensive. Not hijacking at all!

    I should mention that I'm located in the states.

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