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Thread: Prang Pro: A MIDI score sampler on the Teensy

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    Prang Pro: A MIDI score sampler on the Teensy

    Prang is a MIDI score sampler originally developed on an ESP32S3.

    I've ported it to the Teensy 4.1, though it will probably work with other teensies with small modifications.

    It basically allows you to map individual tracks from a MIDI file to be triggered by keys on your MIDI controller

    Anything not already mapped is passed through, allowing you to put accompaniment in your performances

    Github repo

    Articles (note that these were written while the code was running on an ESP32S3, but it covers a lot of the project details - most of the code is the same on both platforms):
    Prang: A MIDI Score Sampler on the ESP32S3

    Prang Once Again

    The wiring guide is in main.cpp

    This is a PlatformIO project and cannot build with Teensyduino due to requiring GNU C++14 to compile
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