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Thread: Audio board line in piezo voltage question

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    Audio board line in piezo voltage question

    Hi, I have a piezoelectric disk that I want to use to pickup audio from a cello. However, the output voltage can get really high, and I don't want to burn out the teensy or audio shield. Recording on the multimeter, I got up to 9 volts, although that takes a running average so it could really be a lot higher. How do i connect that to the teensy?

    A lot of the vibrations etc from the cello are low voltage (1 - 3 volts), but if something is loud I don't want to fry anything. What do I do? A voltage divider circuit (3300 and 2200 ohm resistor) doesn't preserve enough accuracy to get quality sound - just scratching and hitting it.

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    Yes, you do need high voltage protection when connecting a piezo transducer.
    This article gives you some more insight. The mentioned TVS diodes are very commonly used parts.


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