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Thread: Platformio build and monitor helper

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    Platformio build and monitor helper

    Admittedly I get annoyed by dumb things, so when using PIO with teensy the upload and monitor never works properly (at least for me) because teensy is still uploading when the monitor tries to start. This also happens with other boards that are still resetting when the the monitor starts causing it to timeout.

    So after asking for a feature that would add a delay and being shown a workaround I wound up with a nice simple script that can use a config property named monitor_delay

    See final post here

    Hope this helps someone else

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    Admittedly I get annoyed by dumb things
    :-) know that feeling...

    My solution is to use the TyTools for uploading and monitoring.
    Here one of my platformio.ini files (windows, changing for other OS should be straight forward I assume)

    framework = arduino
    platform = teensy
    upload_command = C:\toolchain\TyTools\tyCommanderC upload $SOURCE --autostart --wait --multi
    extends =TeensyBase
    board = Teensy40
    extends = TeensyBase
    board = Teensy31
    platform = atmelsam
    board = seeed_xiao
    upload_protocol = jlink

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    TyTools / TyCommander is the icing on the Teensy cake!

    Note: it cannot upload encrypted eHex to T_4.x's that need it.

    @koromix added option: --delegate >> as used in

    After asking for 'which board' it then hits 'auto software Button' and steps aside for Teensy Loader to do the job, and waits for return without locking Loader out of the USB port.

    Not sure it has any use - other than .eHex builds that only PJRC can upload.

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