Hi All,
I hope for your guidance on the following project - a custom LCD display module which would work as a web browser - i.e. connect to a web server over ethernet/wifi and display a web page with SVG elements form there.
The web browser shall be in a kiosk mode - i.e. a single window, no address bar, browser menu or other browser tools made available for users.
The web browser shall support SVG, CSS and javascript

I tried to find similar projects but mostly found web servers, not web browser clients. There is one project that is a web browser but it renders plain HTML (no images, CSS or Javascript) - PIP Arduino Web Browser

I could probably use Raspberry PI with a Linux and its browser - but it sounds as an overkill. I hope a Teensy can handle a common small LCD display and a simple browser.

Any thoughts and suggestions?

Kind regards, i998