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Thread: CL68T & Teensy 4.1

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    CL68T & Teensy 4.1

    Hi Everyone.
    I am currently driving a Nema 34 via a CL68T through an Arduino, however, the clock speed isn't sufficient.

    I have purchased a Teensy 4.1, noting that its I/O pins run on 3.3 volts.
    I have read on other forums that is possible to run the drivers off 3.3V without using a converter to 5V.

    My question is more regarding the stepper drivers.
    If I connect 5V to the (+) Step and direction pins and use the (-) pins to connect to the Teensy 3.3V output, will this create issues? Here is the diagram from the manual. I am unsure how to determine if the (+) and (-) are isolated and i can in fact use 5V to the (+) pins without any damage to the teensy.

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    In looking at the linked document, I would guess you are looking to hook it up as the common anode setup. I would say NO, you do not want to hook that directly to the Teensy pins as the Teensy will see 5 volts - whatever the voltage drop of the opto-isolators diode is. The other issue is the spec says you need 10 - 15 ma drive, Teensy recommends a maximum of 4ma drive per pin. Since the opto-isolators are current driven, the 5 volt/3.3 volt is not the issue but rather the current drive. You don't really want voltage level converters but some switching FET's. ( the document shows BJT drivers but some BS170's would work fine I think ).

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    Simple PN2222A transistors and perhaps a resistor would work. I am using 2N2222A transistors to drive a CL56T's opto-coupler inputs. I used a 2K resistor in series with the base. This is to limit the base current (and what the Teensy needs to supply).

    Teensy pin -- 2K -- base. Emitter connected to ground. Collectors connected to the ENA-, PUL- and DIR- inputs.

    Currently running on my 10 x 22 lathe electronic lead screw, powered by a Teensy 4.1.

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