Hello there,

are there any best practices or hints, how to get from a working prototype to a first batch of the product (like 20-50 pieces). E.g. a little musical sequencer with 5 push buttons, a small display and a rotary encoder. The housing at the moment gets 3d printed and I know how to produce a pcb. I assemble everything by myself. I'd like to enable users to tweak the sequencer so I'd like to keep the teensy 4.0.

At the moment creating the 'product' costs me more than 200 when I calculate my working hours very very low. Maybe 40% is costs for material and services and the rest is for the diy assembly. I have no clue how to get beyond this point. Is there a place where people share their experiences? Experiences with doing those kind of baby steps without a real budget? Is it possible? I just realise that since many years I'm always stuck at this point.

I'd like to find out whether people are interested in the sequencer I came up with and I feel like offering this small amount of the product is a good way.

Is this the right place to ask those kind of questions?

All the best,