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Thread: TyTools expects different hex file

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    TyTools expects different hex file

    from recommendations in this forum I installed TyTools. But after some time using it the serial monitor didn't work any more. So I uninstalled TyTools. But then it was not possible to upload any sketch. There were a lot of errors, I don't remember.

    Now I installed TyTools again. Testing with the blink sketch results in the error message
    File 'C:\Users\Klaus\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_1 06038/Blink.ino.TEENSY32.hex' does not exist
    An error occurred while uploading the sketch
    The TyTools upload mechanism expects a file "Blink.ino.TEENSY32.hex". But in the path for the hex file the Arduino IDE 1.8.15 generates a file "Blink.ino.hex" - I checked this with the explorer. I did not uninstall Teensyduino.

    What shall I do to get sketches uploaded?

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    TyTools, i.e. TyCommander offers an 'Integrate to IDE' option. Doing that alters the build scripting. One change is the naming of the HEX file for upload.

    Was that done?

    If it was done then that operation needs to be undone with 'Restore' within TyCommander to restore the original Platform.txt for use.

    Not indicated which version of TeensyDuino is in use, but reinstalling that would replace the build scripts used.

    ALSO: When TyCommander is active and it 'opens a Teensy' serial port - then that replaces the IDE SerMon and it will not work unless the Serial is disabled on that Teensy in TyCommander. If not using TyCommander for Serial Monitor, then there is little value in using it for uploading only as it can cause the port contention.

    TyCommander is mostly used here to replace IDE SerMon and use for uploads it can do. It cannot upload to Locked T_4.x's as only Teensy Loader can do that.

    And also - IDE 1.8.19 is the currently supported version for use.

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